Healer and energy intuitive

Since childhood Matilda felt that she could communicate with nature and animals. In her mid thirties she was injured in a car crash. Doctors told her she would have to live with pain for the rest of her life. But then she experienced a spontaneous healing of her body from within. Now she works as  a healer and energy intuitive. Helping people to listen to their inner voice. 

Idea, Videography & Editing


photo festival for women

Photographer Suzanna Zenani works with a holistic approach to portrait photographing. During this one day festival she helps women to shine from the inside out.

I documented the day with my camera and recorded short testimonials. The video was  shared on Linkedin and Facebook and was used in Zenani’s marketing material.

“Thank you so much for a completely fantastic, beautiful work Louise! Your ability to put together a story through visual moving images is so fine and aesthetic. I am very happy and grateful for the beautiful video you have made for Zenani’s Photo Festival for Women’s Pictures. I will recommend you to my network at any time!”

profil film


artist and illustrator

Arobal fell in love with drawing as a young adult. This led him to abandon his chosen career path in in diplomacy. As an artist he is now exploring moments of connection between people through his art. 

Idea, Videography & Editing