What is a good story and how to create one? From as long as I can remember these questions have intrigued me. And they have formed my professional life.

From a MA in Comparative Literatur from University of Copenhagen to The Short-and Documentary Film school and after that more than a decade of freelancing as a director mostly in the Corporate Video field. Working with brands like Novo Nordisk and Carlsberg. Learning the ins and outs of professional filmmaking from a marketing and communications perspective.

The same love for stories has also led me into the NGO world, where I have taught storytelling as a method for reflection, personal development and building community. 

These days my big passion is to create content for holistic lifestyle brands. It can be within the wellness, personal development, outdoor, beauty or travel areas – as long as it’s with an eye for harmony between humans, animals and the planet, I’m more than all in.

Hope to talk to you soon!