louise lerche

Editor and videographer

I have a passion for creating content for holistically run businesses. Mainly within the wellness, coaching and travel industry with a spiritual or sustainable angle. 


I love creating beautiful imagery that tells powerful stories. I always work in close collaboration with the owner of the brand, making sure that the story I'm creating is in tune with your values and brand guideline. I'm also there to help you decide which form of content fits your needs best? Is it a brand documentary, a commercial, a testimonial, a tutorial? I will ask the questions needed for you to uncover what kind of video content serves your business best.


Maybe you already have the footage, but need a skilled editor to put it together in a way that not only looks stunning, but also communicates your brand identity. If you don't have any footage yourself, I can create a video tailored for your needs from high quality stock video. And if you have some quality photos of your product or yourself - a logo even - we're already halfway there.


If you are thinking about starting to shoot your own videos - either for YouTube or an online course, I can help you with the practical stuff. Which camera to buy? What kind of lighting do you need?How to create a beautiful background. How to record your audio. which steaming software should you choose and how to set it up aso. It may seem quite daunting to you, but I promise it is way easier than you think, once you get started.


Do you have some ideas for content, but need someone with the experience in visual storytelling to help you bring your vision to life? My ears are trained in listening to the story that lies underneath. I can help you uncover that story and give it the visual shape and tone that fits with your brand and your story,